The Brand

Salim Azzam is a brand from a small, remote village where life is simple, and people live in harmony with nature. We produce luxury bespoke garments that pay homage to the humble spirit of the Lebanese mountains. 

Far from the hustle and bustle of cities and urban life, the region's women are renowned for their fabric crafting skills and take great pride in their work. We use fashion to reimagine and revive artisanal techniques across rural communities in Mount Lebanon. Our brand channels these skilled women's knowledge, talent and creativity in contemporary designs to share with the world. 

Our designs feature symbols of Lebanese Mountain life, such as white veils and tailored shirts, loose-fitting silhouettes, and embroidered symbols of the land and artisanal works adorn each piece. We draw upon local histories and heritage to determine each collection or chapters. 


The Craft 

Mount Lebanon was once a hub for textile manufacturing and artisanal craftsmanship; the 20th century saw a decline in these industries and skills due to migration, decreased demand for made-to-measure tailoring and a preference for mass production and fast fashion trends. 

Nestled in the Chouf region, our Atelier has become the heart and home of a community of women passionate about practising embroidery. We aim to research and incorporate the heritage of hand-stitching techniques inspired by our traditional attire. The continuity of this craft represents our history, culture and identity. 

Our mission is to celebrate craftsmanship, local heritage, and the textile industry in rural Lebanon and create ethical and sustainable employment opportunities for rural communities. Our Atelier employs over 60 local embroiderers and artisans, connecting isolated communities and their crafts to the world. 

At Atelier Salim Azzam, we are invested in continuing the lineage of these skills and holding workshops, teaching and inspiring future generations, and keeping this craft contemporary and relevant.


The Storyteller

Salim Azzam is a creative director and founder of the brand inspired by his upbringing in the Chouf mountains. Emblems of nature and stories of his upbringing recur in his designs.

In 2016, he established the brand as a project to support the women in his community who practised the craft of embroidery, crochet and fabric manipulation. 

The brand received several awards, including the Fashion Trust Arabia award (2019) and has been featured in Vogue Worldwide, Marie Claire, Elle, Forbes, YUNG, GQ, and Monocle magazines, amongst others. Check our latest news


The Artisans

At the heart of Atelier Salim Azzam is a team of talented master artisans, skilled craftswomen, and apprentices whose dedication, knowledge and skill for their craft is at the heart of every garment. Meet the Artisans