We believe in design for change, for progress, for good.

Growing up in a small, quiet village in Mount Lebanon is the central source of inspiration for the brand. As a child I was surrounded with women who embroidered as a form of expression, reflecting culture, heritage, status, identity and family affiliations.

 After the war and the ensuing economic strain, the demand for embroidery dwindled, and what was once the bread and butter for a substantial community of women and a village thriving on this craft, it soon became an outdated traditional technique.

Our mission

Our mission is to give this craft and the women behind it a second chance. The fashion industry is allowing us to do so. By taking this traditional technique out of its usual habitat – the preserve of decorative home pieces - and applying it to wearable clothing pieces, the craft is able to live and travel outside the borders of these homes and villages, and venture out to the rest of the world.

Our brand gathers a community’s creative skills and stories into one dream. Our pieces are hand-crafted and embroidered by women from mountain villages in Lebanon, who expertly work threads into patterns and pictures.

Our brand harnesses local talent, tales and traditions to tell stories that are common to our culture, heritage and humanity. 

Human Development 

Our main objective is job creation and the empowerment of women of these villages. It has been most humbling to see how our brand has not only empowered these women financially but has also seen them reclaim their voice, channelling it to the outside world.

The Craft 

The continuity of this craft is so much more than just a stable source of revenue. It represents our heritage and our identity, from the type of stitches used, to the patterns of pieces inspired from our traditional attire.

The stories 

The people of Mount Lebanon are a minority who live humbly and close to nature. Our illustrations and the themes of our collections, all tell the stories of how we live and grow as one community.