Preserving the craft of embroidery with women in the Chouf region of Mount Lebanon. Every piece is hand-crafted and embroidered to tell a story, just as the women who create Salim Azzam are its very foundation.

Together we record, preserve and reimagine our heritage and communities for the better.


After our signature embroidery kits, we are now releasing a brand-new limited edition make your own brooch embroidery kit for embroidery lovers, and yourself alike.

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Coming from this small, reserved mountain in Lebanon far away from the masses, we felt the need to share with the world our pride in craft done by the women of the region. We’ve always believed that working local and being authentic and true to who you are, is the best way to go global.

It has been most humbling to see how our brand has not only empowered the women financially but has also provided them a platform to channel their voice to the outside world. That makes us want to grow to be able to use fashion to create more opportunities for women to become self-reliant and allow for self-actualization. 


The continuity of this craft is so much more than just a stable source of revenue. It represents our heritage, our identity, from the type of stitches used, to the patterns of pieces inspired by our traditional attire.

We come from a community where people do not believe in mass consumption and production. Our clothing is produced locally and materials are made by local tailors using local materials. Salim Azzam is no different, and every piece is individually illustrated, traced, and embroidered. Each piece takes weeks to create but is meant to be timeless. 


The people of Mount Lebanon are a minority who live humbling and close to nature. Our illustrations and the themes of our collections, all tell the stories of how we live and grow as one community.


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