the white veil

Here, white fabric flows from hips, wraps around heads, tightens up against ankles, and expands across shoulders. It folds into shapes as women move, catching sunlight, outlining a calf or a forearm as coffee is poured alongside homemade delicacies. 

Growing up in Mount Lebanon, it was impossible not to notice the white veil- the customary dress of the village women. The way it frames gentle hands, highlights dark, determined eyes. How it conceals yet reveals so much, holding centuries of culture in its humble simplicity.

The white veil adorns every woman - the way it represents brilliance, purity, authenticity, and community. The white veil embodies the heart of the women who are the pillars of our community - the keepers of our heritage and cultural heirlooms: like embroidery. These strong pillars are the movers and shakers of our collective consciousness.

As such, white is our baseline fabric. Pure, authentic, brilliant and communal:  just like the women who help create Salim Azzam are at their core.

Photos by Aline Deschamps.