The Leading Lady, The loving Sister.

"What I truly love is to create endless stories for people; I created stories indeed because I was surrounded by true admirers, admirers who pushed my hands to create more and more" Said Salim Azzam, "One of them, is Lilian, my sister who made me feel grateful enough through our journey."

From early childhood, Salim Azzam was fascinated by the power of dreaming. Among his family, he found someone who created and cultivated the endless sky that allowed Salim, the young boy, to dream more. He found his eldest sister, Lilian, paving the way with support for his imagination.

The relationship between Salim and Lilian has remained close over the years to be transformed from a supporting sister for the boy of dreams to becoming a leading lady of the atelier of dreams, hand in hand with all the other ladies at Salim Azzam. Being a mother of her own, the eldest sister in the family, and a working lady, Lilian would never stop supporting her brother, Salim, standing by him and supplying the fresh roses for the spring of the atelier.

A woman with passion is never late to follow her dreams, and that is the case with most of the ladies at Salim Azzam, who come together to share their love and passion for the work they do.

At Salim Azzam, one may speak of authentic style, one may speak of truth, of simplicity, of beauty. But one thing that could be really said is the uniqueness that cannot be confused with any other, the uniqueness that is built on a connection that combines happiness and tenderness, simplification and complication of a brother and his sister.

The most significant value of Salim is maintaining and sustaining his connection with the ladies at his atelier, in his absence his connection always preserved, preserved by Lilian, she is a flower that brings spring to the heart of Salim, to his atelier, and to his dreams.

Written by Muhammad Aoun.

Documented and photographed by Aline Deschamps.