Women in Bloom - Nour Rifaï

Bringing back the scent of citrus, the bold colors of seasonal fruits, and the freshness of blossoming flowers, this Salim Azzam story reflects the optimistic allure of springtime and highlights blooming women.
From human rights lawyers and poets to yoga and skincare enthusiasts, from organizational consultants to professional chefs, Salim Azzam highlights 7 women and asks them questions about their careers and personal lives, their aspirations for women, their relationship to spring as a season, and what Salim Azzam means to them.
Spring is a time of change and renewal, and these women have all, in their own unique ways, taken on challenging paths and paved the way for other women.
Nour Rifaï is a copywriter and avid believer in sustainable skincare. She works with Beesline Beegan and focuses on wild bees’ conservation. Nour focuses on empowering men and women about skincare through education and awareness.

 1.What do you do?
I’m a Creative Copywriter at Beesline. I’m also working on Generation Beegan—Beesline’s wild bees conservation program.

Why do you do what you do? / how did you get into it?
I’ve always liked writing. Skincare, on the other hand, wasn’t always my comfort zone. It’s not until I realized that Beesline is having a different kind of conversation, that I actually wanted to be part of this world. Today, I know the positive power a skincare brand can have, and being the voice of one gives me the opportunity to send the messages I would’ve wanted to hear. I’ve also always been interested in sustainability, and getting to lead the Generation Beegan program has been an incredible journey. We’re only at the beginning but the information we’re learning about wild bees and the responsibility we have to pass it on are substantial.
What are your aspirations for the role of women in your industry?
I think that women are doing a great job at giving beauty brands a women empowering voice. I think now’s the time to start tackling the case of men, and how to change that narrative.
What is a most recent win you had as a professional in your industry?
We only recently launched Beesline’s wild bees conservation program and people from different parts of the world and from all age groups have found our story inspiring and wanted to take action. Being able to translate technical information into an engaging story, that’s a win.
What is your favorite thing about spring?
The weather. The fact that it is still cold some days, yet the sun could shine anytime. I like this element of surprise. That, and coquelicots (poppy flowers).
What does Salim Azzam mean to you and how do you engage with the brand?
As a writer, I hold great admiration towards the brand’s approach to telling stories, and most importantly preserving a memory—the craft. For a brand to have spirit, to generate a positive feeling for its wearers, there must be some magic.  Slipping on a Salim Azzam shirt feels like a literal enchantment.

Nour wears Salim Azzam Lemon Shirt
Photographed by Mohamad Al-Rifai