The beauty of crochet is the skin it adorns

and the beauty of hands, the expression they hold.


The crochet gloves are intricately made with loving hands.

From the hand that designs the product of the mind;

to the hand that pulls the hook through the loop


and over

for the hand that brings the magic of it all to life.


Your dancing hands,

Your toasting hands,

Your loving hands –

overcast, but never hidden.

Drawing on an era when artisans played a key part in the celebration of local weddings and handmade gloves complemented bridal looks with a seamless layer of glamour, the designer decided this fashion staple had to find its way to the modern day.

The inspiration initially rose when this detail caught the designer’s eye in his sister’s wedding ensemble. Years later, the result was the making of the crochet gloves that entailed utter fascination and a wish to see this element live beyond an era and on more than one pair of hands.

Once again, the designer’s vision joins the artisans’ meticulous work to bring the details of the craft to the light, and these details come together in harmony to tell a story of history, culture, and fashion.

The crochet gloves are a manifestation of the magic that lies in the details – a craft of artisanal beauty made by one pair of loving hands for another. 

Written by Serene Sbaity