Huda: A heart larger than Life.

Huda: an Arabic name that means guidance.
The women that make up this family are all incredibly unique, with different personalities and skills. Together, they are the force that expands the walls of our atelier.
Huda joined the team with an open heart. For me, it was love at first sight. It is impossible to not immediately recognize her energy, one that is abundant. While everyone sips on coffee, Huda – being the natural caretaker that she is – passes me round after round of maté as she shadows me throughout the day.

Huda is a jack of all trades. Although she isn’t an artisan herself, she picked up different skills in order to assist the rest of the team with any help they need. Her heart was open from the get-go, and her warmth and affection continues to us. Her energy, I believe, is one of our team’s greatest assets.
She is a chic woman with a beautiful smile – and impeccable taste in lipstick, of course. We love her sense of style, how she arrives at the atelier often in an elegant dress and scarf, her hair swiftly brushed back. Back in the day, Huda worked at a fashion boutique and has an appreciation, as well as an eye, for beauty.
Huda lives with her mother and her sister, who is also a working woman. Visiting the three of them, and feeling the warmth of their beautiful home, was an absolute honor. Theirs is a household of inspiring women who continue to care for and prioritize one another as they go about their daily lives. Being a woman in this region often means being restricted to living life a certain way. Not with Huda. She has her own rules and lives life as per her own values, the way she believes it should be lived.

Though she’s endured huge losses, she continues to move forward, her head held high – reminding us that every day is worth living, that kindness is always a choice, and that beauty is always there waiting for us to find it. Indeed, when one woman thrives, another one does. And Huda's presence in the atelier does just that: it is a source of power and, as her name itself indicates, guidance.
Hers is a heart larger than life.

Written by Nur Turkmani 
Documented and photographed by Aline Deloscampos